The Top 250 Beers in the World: Mapped

I received a lot of positive feedback from my last beer mapping post on Belgium’s breweries and I wanted to follow it up with another map to promote beer travel.  This time around, I’ve taken BeerAdvocate’s top 250 beers (as of June 20th) and broken it down into what I basically consider a beer bucket list.

On the map below are the top 250 beers the world according to the reviews on BeerAdvocate, mapped to their respective breweries.  Each popup (and the descriptive table below the map) includes the beer’s name, rank # in the list, their rating out of five points, style, ABV, link to their BeerAdvocate review/profile, and link to the brewery’s homepage.  You can also use this map to get directions to each of the respective breweries through links in both the pop ups and in the table underneath the map..

In addition to being a beer bucket list, it’s cool to visualize where the top beers in the world currently are being made.  Belgium is decently represented on this beer bucket list (and Cantillon is certainly a player in these rankings), Germany has a few, as does Scandinavia.  We have a global look at where the best of the best is being made.

Now, one of the things that most stood out to me were the absence of some countries that you’d expect to see (I’m looking at you, England!), and how much of a powerhouse both the upper-Midwest and the Northeast are.  Though that’s not too shocking when you consider they have brewing heavyweights like Three Floyds Brewing Co, Goose Island brewing Co, Bell’s Brewing, and Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.

You can use this map to plan a road trip (maybe a cross-the-USA “hit all the top breweries” tour), establish bragging rights, or even just visualize data and appreciate how many diverse and incredible kinds of beer are out there.  Or, if you’re one of those ambitious types, grab your glass, some plane tickets, and start off on your quest to taste them all and tour where they’re made.  Do it.  Make all us beer geeks jealous.

Now, if you’re going to fully zoom in or drill down on the data clusters on this beer bucket list, I recommend doing so with the map in full screen mode.  I think it helps you take in more of the information when the clusters spread out.

I hope this helps bring more beer into your life.  Enjoy!

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