The Breweries of Belgium: A map for beer travel

Belgium is one of the best places in the world for beer and it is one of the best beer travel destinations.  There are few places on earth where you’ll find as many amazing breweries offering such as wide a variety of great beer.  From the exclusivity of Westvleteren, to the crazy variety at the Delirium, to the deliciousness of the lambic breweries and geueze blenders, Belgium has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of my life as a beer lover and a traveler was buying a used bike and biking from brewery to brewery through Flanders.  The whole country is insanely accessible by bike. Really, the most difficult thing about doing a brewery tour in Belgium is finding the time to visit all the breweries and beer cafes you want.  That’s not a bad problem to have.

I’ve put together this map as a resource for everyone interested in touring Belgium’s breweries.  It includes everything I feel would be useful in putting together a beer travel itinerary: links to brewery websites, BeerAdvocate profiles for each brewery, full lists (including name, style, and ABV) of beers produced by each brewery, relevant historical snippets, addresses, and integration with Google maps for directions.  Exploring Belgium and its breweries was such a great experience for me, personally, and this resource (which will continue to grow) will help anyone easily put together their beer travel plans for Belgium.

[mapsmarker layer=”3″]

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