A peek inside Prague’s Sex Machines Museum

Prague’s Sex Machines Museum is located right near the Old Town Square in the center of town and is very much a touristy trap.  But, it’s also very much at home in Prague, considering the city’s reputation for slightly quirky sexual escapades due to things like the Big Sister brothel (which closed in 2010).  I’m a sucker for weird museums like this – I thought Iceland’s Phallological Museum was great –  so, the Sex Machines Museum was one of the first places I checked out once I got in to Prague.

The SMM (Sex Machines Museum) opened in 2002, and it’s been a point of controversy since the beginning.  It’s been criticized by city officials for it’s “disagreeable” content, though this criticism has only made it more popular.  Now, in all honesty, a lot of the content isn’t that unique or shocking, and won’t really elicit any gasps… more likely just a “Hmm… Yeah, that’s a really, really big dildo” or “You’ve gotta be really determined and have a high pain tolerance to use that”.  But, the Sex Machines Museum does have a few very creative contraptions on display, and many of the copulation devices look like what you’d get at a sex shop run by Willy Wonka.  Some of the vintage erotic videos were also interesting, if only for the fact that they show (along with some of  the other vintage sexual devices on display) that much of humanity’s desires really haven’t changed that much over the years.  The video quality might get better, but the plot isn’t that much different.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, these photos are few years old, as it’s been a while since I’ve been to Prague and the SMM.  There may be more or different exhibits there, and maybe some of the devices are out on loan to other museums like the Smithsonian.  But, regardless, the place is worth a look.  Go in, keep an open mind, and enjoy an hour or so looking at all the different ways that people throughout history have either tried to get their game on, or tried to keep it all in check.  If you know what you’re getting in to and set your expectations right, just like when you settle down to watch a movie like “Sharknado” or “Nazis at the Center of the Earth“, you’ll have a good time.

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