About Me

I’m Joe.

I’ve been a traveler for most of my life, beginning with road trips through most of the US when I was younger, and progressing to solo backpacking trips through Europe and through the Caribbean.  I’m also an avid brewer and cook, with food and beer being my primary motivations for traveling.  I love meeting new people, trying new and unusual foods, and sampling local brews.

I have a background in International Relations, Middle Eastern culture and literature, speak/write Persian (Farsi), have a basic grasp of German, and get a thrill from being put into the unknown.  By day, I work in client Services and travel as time and PTO allow, which usually happens several times per year for as long as I can stay away from the office.

This blog is, and will continue to be, a work in progress, documenting and combining my passions for new foods, new brews, and new places.

Want to reach me?  Please use the form below, I’m happy to help with brewing, food, or just talking travel plans.


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