Travel is a varied subject, and you’re going to find that there are so many pieces to it that putting together an extended trip can be a daunting task.  Whether you’re a planner or not, there’s always something to learn, and some facet of your traveling process that you can improve.  I’ve put together a list of resources that can help: from finding a better ticket price, booking a hostel, or learning more about where you’re going and the backpacking lifestyle.

Ticketing resources:

Google’s ITA Matrix:

A great tool for predictive airfare pricing and determining the best time to buy.  Though you can ‘t book directly through it, you can use it to  get a great deal.


Another great booking and pricing resource.  While what you can book (hotels, flights) is nothing outside the norm, I’m a fan of the interface and the 90 day pricing graph between destinations.

Booking a place to stay:


The de facto resource for finding a hostel.  One of the advantages of Hostelworld is its size: not only does it encompass a large number of hostels, but it is so widely used that you are likely to find a decent number of backpacker reviews for most any place you want to stay.


For those looking to make some more local connections while traveling (as well as save some cash), couchsurfing allows you to find local hosts in many destinations around the world.  Or, if you’re interesting hosting travelers and “paying it forward”, it allows you to do that as well.


An alternative to staying hotels or hostels, and a step up in price when compared to hostels, Airbnb is for those looking to rent something a little more than the typical hotel or hostel rooom.

Bloggers, Directories, and Travel Guides:

Travel Independent

Travel Independent contains a wealth of knowledge about backpacking.  There are fantastic country guides, that contain information on everything you’d need to know on getting into a country, getting around, what to see, and whether it’s even worth it

Lonely Planet

It’s Lonely Planet.  They really shouldn’t need much introduction.

Nomadic Samuel

One of the top names in travel blogging, his site is a great place to check out not only for travel advice, but for any new bloggers starting out.

That Backpacker

Audrey’s articles are often insightful, and often feature some great photography.  She writes frequently, and provides a great window into the life of a travel blogger and on some great travel experiences.

Backpacking Travel Blog

Traveling as a couple is no easy feat.  Backpackers tend to be independent-minded, and balancing competing priorities can be hard.  Come here to check out how one couple has put together their round-the-world voyages, as well as to see some great general travel tips and tricks.

Smiling Faces Travel Photography

Traveling often provides us with certain images and experiences that get etched into our memory.  For me, that includes the light from a sunrise off the Roman forum during an early-morning run through Rome’s empty streets.  Check out this blog to see some fantastic travel photos and get inspired to take more travels and make more memories of your own.

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